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Stockholm Historical Society

Stockholm Historical Society Facts

The Stockholm Historical Society was founded in 1975, and it moved into the old Anderson Store in 1976, at which point it began using the site as its museum.

The museum was dedicated at the town's Centennial Celebration in 1981.

The Museum contains a large collection of artifacts, photographs, publications, videotapes, and veteran's uniforms, representing Stockholm's rich history as a farming community, lumber and veneer mill boom town, and railroad junction.

There are many unusual artifacts, such as a huge hay press, a bone grinder, hand tools and equipment, various species of tree "cookies," a display of basket-making, an early two-man chain saw, an early barber chair, a combination wheel-and-ski wicker pram, the 1981 Centennial quilt, and a Swedish Crystal donated to the Museum at the Centennial celebration by the Mayor of Stockholm, Sweden.

The Stockholm Historical Society operates out of the old Anderson Store, which is on the National Register of Historic Places and dates back to 1901. At the time of its construction the building served as the town's first store and post office. It now doubles as the Society's museum.

The Stockholm Historical Society also owns an old but fully intact railroad caboose.

The municipality of Stockholm has a webpage with a list of the town's upcoming notable activities. This list includes events at the Historical Society's museum.